Drought roiling China’s already evaporating economy

The latest crisis in China's global supply chain hit a factory in southern Sichuan on Thursday, bringing with it heat and drought. Foreign manufacturers such as Apple, Toyota and Chinese solar companies will close their doors for six days and resume production on Sunday. But due to bad weather the biggest local company closed the factories on Sunday. Sichuan closed about 16,500 jobs. Some Chinese media say the problem could shut down factories in industrial cities on the east coast, and scientists say no blackouts are expected in China in September. It provides cheap electricity in the west and industrial cities in the east. On the banks of the river Iglitz there are about 1,400 branches, several hydroelectric power stations and other hydroelectric power stations, which provide 80% of the electricity and sell the nearest oil profile. Water level in Sichuan province dropped by 50% in July and 50% in July, hot and dry weather affected many parts of the world. Sichuan Province recentl